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    How we evaluate your car
    1. Preconditions
    2. Valuation team obtains all data
    3. Price check
    4. Quality control
    5. Completing
    The sales price/value of the car is also based on trading - read more

  • Site Conditions

    The valuation begins after you have filled in all fields on the first page, have accepted our conditions and clicked on OK. The right of withdrawal lapses, when you accept that the valuation will begin before the end of 14 days normal cancellation period. Price for valuation is 75 euro, read more

  • Sale & Purcase

    Purchase & sale of a used car! The market for used cars is a real jungle, especially if you do not know very much about used cars. For that reason we have created a guide for you, which you can use when buying or selling used cars. From an economic point of view - read more

Welcome to YourCarPrice.net

How much is your car worth? Whether you’re buying or selling, a car valuation will provide its TRUE VALUE!

Used car valuations
Our car valuations are compiled by experts from a range of sources - including dealers, private sales, auctions and classified advertisements across the UK - and are updated daily. You can trust our used car valuations because is completely independent from the motor industry

Simply fill in your details aboveto receive your personalised valuation certificate containing prices and specifications. You can use this official car valuation certificate to help you get the best price for the car, whether you’re buying or selling.

Instead of asking yourself “what’s my car worth?”, take advantage of our car valuation. Our comprehensive valuations will offer you a much-needed answer to that nagging question “how much is my car worth?”, and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed sale or purchase.


Whether you need to buy or sell your car, it is important to know what the car is worth and what you can get for the car on the used car market.

We estimate the amount charged against the current market by comparing the car manually on the make, model, engine, year, mileage, car type, gear and equipment compared to similar cars for sale on the Internet.

Our pricing is an idea of ​​a realistic asking price in the current market.

The assessment is based solely on cars and data from the current market and not on simple depreciation of the car's new car price based on volume and kilometer.